Strategy & Corporate Finance

We understand strategy as a collection of initiatives and measures that increase corporate value and sustainably secure a competitive advantage. This mainly involves identifying and evaluating the necessary growth steps.

We accompany you on your strategic way and take care that the strategic goals are in harmony with the corporate culture and structure.

Corporate Finance

We consult you on various corporate finance topics from an independent perspective.

  • Accounting
  • Tax compliance
  • Transaction Services


We help you to understand your own performance and the entire market.

  • Market & Competition
  • Corporate strategy
  • Growth strategy

Corporate Finance


Thanks to our cross-sector knowledge, we can provide you with technical support and act as a competent contact for your auditor.

  • Creation of annual statements
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Creation of overall financial statements
  • Process optimization in accounting
  • Business planning
  • Group planning

Tax compliance

Our main focus is:

  • Sparring partner for tax departments and tax compliance officers in matters of tax risk management
  • Tax-optimized design and (re)structuring of individual business processes up to entire corporate structures
  • Tax risk screening
  • Coordination with the financial administration and obtaining binding information, solving procedural questions

Transaction Services

For a successful alignment of the company, it is necessary to continuously question and reinvent the business model. An important part of this is the strategic acquisitions and sales of entire companies or individual business areas.

As transactions and their financing become more and more complex, a comprehensive review of the transaction parameters is essential for a successful transaction.

With our expertise in the field of transaction services, we support you throughout the entire transaction process and leave the success of your transaction to transparency, not to chance. We analyze the economic, financial, organizational, tax and legal circumstances.

  • Vendor Assistance
  • Due Diligence
  • Post Acquisition Services


Market & Competition

In order to be one step ahead, we analyze the relevant markets and competitors. From this we derive the external influencing factors and trends that will help you in the long-term orientation of your company.

Corporate strategy

Constant changes and a competition that never sleeps. We support you on your way forward and together find the formula for your long-term success.

Growth strategy

Whether new business areas or innovative products, we support from brainstorming to implementation.